Monday, February 18, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle...

It's been a while, and I always say that... but it's been a chaotic flu season. I was sick, then Hubby was sick, the little man was sick... then I was sick again. I have missed 3 weeks of school, and have been struggling to catch up on homework, and on my work load.

As for keeping my sanity in this chaos, I've started playing with drawings, and since I suck at drawing actual items, I've been doing artistic lettering for phrases. I'm hoping to do some mixed media with basic nursery rhymes and songs.

Here is a sketch I did as a rough draft for a project. I am going to paint a canvas in black or dark blue, splatter it with glitter paint for stars, and write the words in metallic marker. I will do some origami stars out of brightly colored papers, and pop dot them to the canvas. I'll paint the moon in gold and yellow, partially glittered.

What do you think?