Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy - Sandy Hook Elementary

It shouldn't take a tragedy like this to open our eyes. It shouldn't take a tragedy like this to make us think about the safety of our children. 

Tonight, and every night, hug your children, tell them how much you love them.

Tonight, remember, and pray for those who have passed, and those effected by their passing. The families and friends of those who were killed will never be able to move on from this, they will always be missing someone.

These children were just beginning their lives, they had never done anything to deserve this untimely end. Pray for them. Whatever faith you believe in, pray.

Tonight, people will be missing their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, best friends...Tonight, people will be shedding tears for those they knew and those they didn't. Tonight, I cry for lost lives, so young, so innocent. Tonight, I hug my son, and I beg that he stays safe!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Letters to a Boy

When I was little, my mom would leave me notes, around the house, in my school bag, in the car, where ever I'd likely be. It was sweet, it helped me learn to read. It was also time consuming, and most of the notes were repetative, and fairly simple... "have a good day", "goodluck on your times tables", "be nice to that boy you made fun of", etc. I always wanted to know how she felt, not the dumbed down sugar coated "your a kid" version. Perhaps I was too young then, but I still wonder about it today.

I have decided to write letters to my son. I will keep them in a book, and give them to him on his 18th, or perhaps 21st birthday. One letter for every week in the first month. They grow so fast! And then one letter each month for the first year, and one letter each birthday. I hope to chronicle milestones, achievements, quirky behavior, and general thoughts and love.

I was adopted, and my biological mother has had nothing to do with my life between 6 months (when she gave me up/got me taken away) until my 18th birthday. Since then, we have emailed a few times, but we have not gotten close. I can not yet forgive her for the things she did, the priorities she chose. I was told that she has kept a journal, with letters and cards for me, for every birthday, and Christmas she missed with me. I don't know if I want to see it, or if I'd rather be angry just a bit longer. Either way, I let her know that my son was born, and I have started my own journal. I hope I can keep it going and write in it every chance I get. (or at least keep up to date on it).

I am going to build it like a scrapbook, with a photo for each milestone marked. And place the physical letter in a decorative envelope on it's own page. I can only hope that it will turn out as wonderful as I am imagining it.

What have you done to chronicle your children's milestones?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A birth story!

Making breakfast in the late morning on Aug 2, I felt a little odd. A bit wetter downt here than usual, so I called my OB. Her nurse asked me to go to the Family Birth Center to get checked. Once hubby got home (he left work early) he drove us to the hospital. My OB was on call that day, so I was in luck (the OB on call after her shift was one I very much do not like!)

After a few hours of tests, and waiting, they decided to get an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels. In this process, they discovered that my fluid was low, and that more than likely, I had been leaking slowly for several days. They decided to induce me, to prevent infection. They started on a very slow pitocin drip (I had hoped to stay as natural as I could, but I guess we have to roll with the punches). They diluted with saline to keep my hydrated, and I waited. Each hour progressed and the contractions got stronger, and more intense. They weren't painful until much later.

Family visited, and friends stopped by. I wasn't short on company. To some extent, I am glad I had so many visitors, but on the other hand, I regret not getting some sleep while I still could.

At 16 hours of labor, the contractions went from "hold my hand, this is really uncomfortable" to "The next one will be an adoption!"

By 18 hours, it became "Why the HELL didn't I get an epidural!?!?" (yep, pitocin, without pain meds)

At 18 hours and 30 min, I received a small dose of Fentenol (spelling?) which took the edge off the pain, so I could at least remember to breath. 

At 19 hours, I was  unable to string sentences together, I was catching minute long moments of rest where the world faded from memory, and I was just in empty space, always pulled back by the slow build and crash of the next contraction. Waves that took me under and past my limits. They gave me another small dose of Fentenol. 
At 20 hours, I told my nurse it was time to push, I told her I would not wait because I could not wait. She asked me to wait.

She called another nurse to help set up the room, and by the next contraction, was calling the OB to come in, "she is a VERY efficient pusher" she had said.

Hubby was helping me to focus through the pushes, but when our son slid out screaming and fighting and covered in blood, he nearly fainted. He took a few moments to compose himself as they cut the cord and cleaned Connor up. 

There were tears in his eyes, though, he will deny it.

 20 hours almost to the minute after I noticed my broken water and felt the first contractions, I held my little boy in my arms.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birth plan, meet window. Window, meet birth plan.

With a perfect pregnancy, and perfect support team and a perfect midwife or doctor, you can have a perfect birth plan. But remember the importance of each word in this phrase. Birth. Plan. The birth will happen, one way or another... But the rest really is a plan. This is how I would like things to go...
I had my 3 page birth plan typed out and ready for action... I took it to my OBs office, had her look it over, give her okay.

Then on August 2, I was fixing breakfast and felt a little uncomfortable and wet. I called my OB, and she had me go in to the family birthing center to get my amniotic fluid levels checked. After several hours of monitoring contractions, and an ultrasound they decided to admit me. My water had been leaking from a high yet for some time.

After another couple of hours, my doc checked my cervix, and while she was at it, properly ruptured my water sack (not in my plan). When I didn't progress in 2 hours they started a diluted slow drip of pitocin (in my plan under "avoid"). Every 2 or so hours that passed, they bumped up the pitocin level. While it was still slow, it moved the intensity of the contractions quickly. In my plan, I had wanted mobility, I wanted to soak in the tub during contractions, I wanted to walk around, but the moment they started the pitocin drop, I had to be on a constant monitor. So I was stuck within 4 feet of the monitor machine, giving me the options of the rocking chair, and the bed.

I had  expressly wanted to avoid pain medication. I didn't want the pitocin, because pitocin increases the frequency and intensity of contractions unnaturally, which makes most people want the epidural early. After about 15 hours of natural labor, the pain was just a touch above my tolerance, and I was offered an intravenous pain medication, fentenal (spelling?), which was given in a low dose through my saline drip iv.

It took the edge off the most intense contraction, but was still disappointing, since I had spent the whole pregnancy avoiding medications that could get to the baby. I took 2 doses of the IV pain killer in the following 5 hours of labor.

(TMI warning)
When I was finally at 9.5 cm, the nurse told me I had to wait a bit longer, that I wasn't ready to push, and that the baby wasn't ready. I told her I couldn't help it, the muscles were constricting involuntarily. In the time it took to call an extra nurse, and the doctor, Connor's head was already visible. I had requested that I not be given an episiotomy (cut in the perineum). In the last 2 pushes, Connor's heartrate plummeted, and before anyone knew what was happening, I had been cut to preserve the health of the baby. His cord had been wrapped around his neck, and with each contraction, and each push, it squeezed against him, cutting of his nutrient supply. One push after the cut and I heard the scream of angel lungs!

While everything did not go to plan, It was good to have that start point. Perhaps next time (if there is a next time) we will go simpler. We will have a general list of what we'd like to try, and try to avoid (rather than being so structured)

Every moment of discomfort from the stitches given for an unwanted procedure, and the memories of the 20 hours of severely painful pitocin induced contractions were worth it. Every time I hold my son in my arms and his sleepy pout turns to a subconscious smile, I am reminded that the important part is that he is here and he is safe!

My family is whole and complete now! We will post some of our family photos when we get them finished!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome home!

Perfect in every way! Connor Michael was born on August 3, 2012 at 6:06 am. After 20 hours of labor, he was welcomed naturally by a team of supportive nurses and a wonderful OB. His mommas sport team was his daddy, and his auntShelly. He came out screaming with a healthy set of lungs, and an instant need for cuddles!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last minute blanket for Connor

Hubby has been working an unordinary amount of hours the last few days in preparation for baby Connor. This has left me with less than great amounts of energy for nesting, but plenty of time. So I have decided to put some of this stagnant energy and discomfort into a productive project.

I am making Connor a granny square blanket! The colors I chose remind me so much off my beloved ocean! I decided that because it is likely to get dirty, and any number of random bodily substances on it (it is a baby blanket, after all...) That I'd use the traditional "grannys choice" blanket yarn. Red heart super saver. I am using frosty green, light blue, and buff for the squares main colors, and boardering them in a multi tone called aspen print. So far, we are at almost 2/3 of the squares being done. Just 6 more in blue, and another 18 in buff. I'll post photos and process updates when I get more finished...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Slap of Reality

This baby will be here within the couldn't sleep last night so I sat watching the lightning, and thinking about how my life is about to change... A wonderful new adventure.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shopping for Baby!

Ok, so when I was still trying to get pregnant, I was reading all these great crafty mommy blogs, and I was dreaming of a time when I could write up some great tutorials, and take great photos, and post maternity pics, and chronicle my adventure into mommy-hood....then I got pregnant, and between school and work, and the fatigue and morning sickness in the early stages, crafting and blogging about it was the last thing on my mind. Oh sure, I posted a couple pictures and crochet patterns, but nothing really intriguing!

Here I am with roughly a month left until my little man decides to grace us with his cries, and I am finally getting in gear!

Perhaps not so much crafty, but worthy of posting!

Realizing I am less than 4 weeks from my expected due date (okay, so guess date) I hit the stores when hubby got paid (don't worry, I paid bills too).

I'f only I had looked that glamorous when I was shopping yesterday... waddling about in my non-supportive flats, flowy yoga pants, and too warm maternity shirt.

I picked up the last of the essentials, nursing bra and shirts (buy 3 get 1 free at Motherhood Maternity), bottles and storage bags, pump, diapers, a hamper for the nursery, etc... I got to the door 3 times and remembered more that I needed! Went back in for this and that, and when I finally got home with all of the stuff, I realized I forgot more... baby gates, baby proofing stuff, and a gas can for hubby's truck. At that point I was dead on my feet and really didn't care.

After all was said and done, and I had gotten all the goodies stowed away inside the house (I think the heat almost melted my new bottles) I looked at how much it totaled up to... who knew it could get that spendy that quickly!

I might have to start my own savings account, just to accommodate how much that cost us to get started! "Sorry kid, you cost too much when you were a baby, you gotta dish out your 18 years of allowance for your college tuition..."

But I did get some smoking good deals! Found the perfect swing at a thrift store, this model sells for about $120.00 in fancy boutique shops, I got it in brand new condition for $49.99! Along with some great hand-made blankets.

At another shop, I found a super cute bouncy seat for $27.99, and another great blanket, and a swaddle sack, total I paid $31.00!

But now we get to the fun stuff! I am finally checking things off my list of stuff to do! I finally washed through all of Connor's clothes, bedding, blankets, and toys (yep, that's the name we chose, a little boy! Exciting!). Getting the hospital bag put together (getting hubby to do his share is like pulling teeth! "I need you to pick out a shirt and pants for the hospital bag", "Yeah, Ok, when I'm done looking at reddit/ facebook/ webcomics/ sending out this email for work...." At this point, I'm about to pick out clothes for him! I put together the diaper bags, one for me, one for hubby, and one for a sitter/family drop off. I tediously organized the clothes into bins by size, and got them ready to stack out of the way until he grows into them (I know it's wishful thinking to think I can stay organized...but I'm trying!) I am getting my craft stuff back under control (since it's taking over half the nursery right now) and setting up a pseudo office in the dining room for now (we are hoping to move into a bigger place soon).

 Then I realized...I have nothing handmade that I've done for Connor! Lots of lists of things to do, lots of supplies purchased for projects, just none finished! I also realized that I have 2 close friends who are due with their own little ones within a month or so of my own... better get busy!

Mobile for Connor

Instead of a string garland, I'll take this great idea from Crafty Endeavor and hang each ball (I'm doing yarn for a bolder effect) from a embroidery ring, then I'll cover the ring in ribbon, and dangle it on a swivel mount from my tackle box so it can spin freely.

If it's easy/fast enough, I'll do one up for my cousin's little boy, and my friend twin girls!

Hats for shower gifts: (Bri, Tabi, if you are reading this, scroll past here!)

I have knitted a super cute hat, can't show pics yet...using this color:
And I'll be crocheting 2 hats for the girls using this color:

I will also be doing some super cute carseat sized blankets for each little one! And of couse, how can I not make a hedgehog for each baby! Will post pics when I finish these projects.

I also want to finish some art work I was going to hang in the nursery, but I think between this heat, and the lack of energy, I'd rather just go sit by the river, soak my feet, and knit away the day!

And then I remember there is laundry... Oh the joys of being a new housewife...


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Etsy! And the joy of BNR's

First off: Owls Nest Boutique, yes, it's my etsy store, yes you should go check it out, I added more stuff! Hedgies mostly!

And on to the BNR's! What is a BNR, you ask?

A BNR is a lace where sellers buy an item in a treasury on etsy, they then take that space in the treasury, and stay until they get their spot bought. The one I'm currently in (as of the afternoon of July 10) is called JenuineBNR, and it's run by the seller JenuineCrafts! Yep, that was another link, go check it out! especially if you have a shop! And you don't have to buy the item in the treasury, just something from that sellers shop!

Friday, July 6, 2012


What do you call a group of Hedgehogs?

This array of hedgehogs might also be called a prickle!

I have been making quite the array of hedgehogs myself! Thought not as prickly as their live counterparts, they are just as sharp (looking), but oh so cuddly!

They all rattle, and cuddle. And if there is enough interest in the pattern, I'd be happy to put one together. If you are more interested in just buying one, keep an eye on my etsy shop, I'll be add these little guys to it slowly.

The Owls Nest Boutique


Friday, June 22, 2012

Many new items in my Etsy Shop!

I have added a great many things to my etsy store! Please go check them out! I'll post a few photos here, but to see the rest, you'll need to go visit!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New adventures

This year is not my first vending at a Saturday market. Yet it is the first year for my own business.

I have been busy creating many crochet goodies, from hats to toys, and beyond, so much success, I nearly sold out of my rattles, and had to make stock continuously to no run out of my animal hats!

This week, between school finals, and my baby shower this weekend, I will be coming up with new designs, from foxes to koala bears, maybe even a penguin and polar bear or two. my goal is to have the entire side of the tent (10ft) covered in hanging hats! More photos to come!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newest Adventure!

Everyone has seen them, some have even bought them....

The ever popular Owl hat.

I was asked to make one of these super cute hats as a photo prop for a 6 month old baby boy, but once that picture was posted, the orders can FLYING in! Everyone is unique, and I started doing sew on gOOgly eyes on some of them! Love the way they turn out! Since these, I have made 2 more custom owls, a frog and a cat. I'll be playing with some other animal ideas.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby shower invites!

I am sending out 40 physical invites, and many Facebook invites, I have finished the design for them, and now I am just putting them together! I am using 8 different animals from the Create - a- critter Cricut Cartridge. I have chosen to use the Squirrel, Fox, Deer, Owl, Skunk, Hedgehog, Raccoon and Bird1, as well as the tree from the "bee" page.

The card is created from 2 pieces of cardstock, brown, and sky blue, both are from "Coredinations" found a Joanns. I used my Fiskars scallop boarder punch, and some green dotted brown ribbon from Offrey Ribbons (walmart). The card is cute to the following dimensions:

Back 6x4 inches scored at 5 inches
Front 5x4 inches
Tree 2 3/4 inches (in 4 different colors mixed from a DCWV MatchMakers 2 Neutrals stack
All animals 2 inches (Create-a-Critter)
Grass 1 inch (Plantin Schoolbook)

Stamp used is part of a 3 set I got at Joanns. This one says "you're invited". The set also includes "live,laugh,love" and "happy birthday" They are from Inkadinkadoo.

Use your scallop (or other boarder punch) to punch a boarder into the 1 inches section of the back, fold over, adhere ribbon, and then adhere card front. Put tree in place, layer grass over tree trunk, and place animal.

I am printing up a cute info panel and gluing it inside. Something along the lines of a catch phrase "Help Echo welcome a new addition into her neck of the woods!"