Sunday, October 9, 2011


As this blog is called Gnomes at my homework, I think it's high time to get myself a GNOME! Now, I know that to most people, gnomes are a thing of fairyland, and imagination... and while that might be true for you, must it be true for all people? I think gnomes deserve to go on adventures with people, big people adventures!

He or she could have gone on a wonderful 5.5 mile bike ride today with me, and sat in an outdoor shopping mall for a while!

I will be making a gnome army! I will gift one whenever I can, and I will travel with the 1st one, as leader of my gnome army! I do not have him home yet, but I will post pics when i finish him, or her!

I am doing the leader in a great and fashionable outfit of green and brown! Using Impeccable yarn, by Loops and Threads!

The colorway looks like this:


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