Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Lots to do, lots going on! I am prepping for a craft show in Nov. 20!

Lots of new and interesting projects!

These are tile coasters, created using upcycled flooring tiles from the local Habitat for Humanity, mod podge and scrap book paper. There are 4 coasters in each set, and they are made waterproof by the liberal addition of the mod podge.

This is a simple card using a mat sheet of scrapbook pattern pack, one of the DCWV Mat Stacks from last winter, got it in an exchange. I threaded red embroidery thread along the way, and hot glued buttons on the ends.

This is sideways..... whoops, I'll try to fix that. I used 3 different tones of green paper, heat embossing silver and transparent onto the surface of one of them, I cut 1.5-2 in strips of a 12x12 sheet of each, and then cut a zig zag along the strip to create random triangles. I adheared the 1st two trees to the card surface with a glue roller, and used a demensional for the 3rd tree to give it some pop. The base and accent strips are from the same papers as the trees.
This is a Santa card... made really quite simply. a 5 in x 3.75 in red mat, a .5 in strip of black, and a 1 in strip of white. I used a bit of felt and a needle to punch holes for the brads, hand wrote the sentiment (my handwriting is quite childish), and finished it all off by glueing it in place... if you had any white flocking, you could do the edges of the white strip with that, or a silver, brass, or copper buckle along the belt would be nice... Or using ribbon for the belt.. I just didn't have those things available.

Hope these inspire you! I will be working on more projects over the next week for the show, and I'll post here when I can.

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