Monday, August 8, 2011

Tundra: a pattern

I posted about Tundra, Caramel, and Woodland hats.

I promised a pattern for each of those hats... and so here they are!

I will post 1 pattern each day until I have them all up.


Round 1: ch 3 (counts as base, and first dbl) 11 dbl in 3rd chain from hook, slip into top of start chain.
Round 2: chain 2 (counts as first dbl) dbl in base of chain 2, 2 dbl in each stitch around, slip to top of first stitch.
Round 3: chain 2, dbl in base of chain. *dbl in next stitch, 2 dbl in next* to end, slip to top of start chain
Round 4: chain 2, dbl in base of chain, *dbl in next 2 stitches, 2 dbl in next* to end, slip to top of start chain
Round 5-8: repeat previous round, EXCEPT, add another dbl between each 2 dbl for each row.
Round 9-10: chain 2, dbl in each stitch around, slip to top of begin ch.
Round 11: (decrease rounds) ch 2, *dbl in each of the first 6, dbl2tog* to end.
Round 12 - ?: repeat round 11, decreasing the number of stitches between the dbl2tog
Round ?-?: Building your brim, details below

The hat pictured above has a simple, 2 in dbl brim. For this, you dbl in each remaining stitch, sl st to top of chain, dbl around, fasten off, weave in ends.

There is also the option of a more stable brim, from the end of your dec round, you will sc in each stitch around, NOT connecting the end of the row, but continuing the spiral.

OR you can do a sturdy Tunisian style brim, this give stability and fashion. and offers a better base for extras such as buttons or ribbon.

You will finish your decrease round, and sl st to first ch.
chain 4 (5), then start your Tunisian.
insert hook in first loop, yo and pull loop through (2 loops on hook)
insert hook in next loop, yo and pull loop through (3 loops on hook)
insert hook in next loop , yo and pull loop through (4 loops on hook)
If you only chained 4, follow this, if you chained 5, do the last step 1 more time, then move on to this.
insert hook in first stitch of hat base, yo and pull loop through.
yo, pull through 2 loops, yo pull through 2, until only 1 loop remains.
repeat this process using the "bars" you will see forming on the front of the work to build into. This stitch will cause a mild curl to form, but when you are finished, you will not be able to tell.

Do this last step until you reach the last stitch before the hat brim began, fasten off, and cut leaving about 10-12 inch of yarn left. use this to sew up the 2 edges, and add some accent to hide this seam if you'd like.

This pattern can easily be made for a small head, by following the pattern, but only going to to 5 or 6 rounds before starting decreases.

If there is anything that I need to clear up, message me on Ravelry or leave a comment!

Want to track your progress?

Ravelry: Tundra Tam

Also, when in need of a photo prop to hold the hat... and there is no willing child or roommates, I can always rely on my hubby's Nalgene to stand perfectly still.


handstitch said...

Sweet creation. Very stylish indeed. Great to see your creativity at work, Echo.

Deborah said...

Hi Echo. this is my first try at remembering how to crochet in 40+ years. It's the tundra tam that I'm hoping to make and the pattern came out OK but the picture isn't showing. I may need explanations later when I get started, but wanted to say "hi".

Echo M said...

Thank you for letting me know about the pictures, I wonder why they stopped showing up. I'll work to get that fixed. Until then, you should be able to access it on ravelry, just look me up by the blog title - or by my ravelry name: shadedfears