Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Etsy! And the joy of BNR's

First off: Owls Nest Boutique, yes, it's my etsy store, yes you should go check it out, I added more stuff! Hedgies mostly!

And on to the BNR's! What is a BNR, you ask?

A BNR is a lace where sellers buy an item in a treasury on etsy, they then take that space in the treasury, and stay until they get their spot bought. The one I'm currently in (as of the afternoon of July 10) is called JenuineBNR, and it's run by the seller JenuineCrafts! Yep, that was another link, go check it out! especially if you have a shop! And you don't have to buy the item in the treasury, just something from that sellers shop!

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