Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last minute blanket for Connor

Hubby has been working an unordinary amount of hours the last few days in preparation for baby Connor. This has left me with less than great amounts of energy for nesting, but plenty of time. So I have decided to put some of this stagnant energy and discomfort into a productive project.

I am making Connor a granny square blanket! The colors I chose remind me so much off my beloved ocean! I decided that because it is likely to get dirty, and any number of random bodily substances on it (it is a baby blanket, after all...) That I'd use the traditional "grannys choice" blanket yarn. Red heart super saver. I am using frosty green, light blue, and buff for the squares main colors, and boardering them in a multi tone called aspen print. So far, we are at almost 2/3 of the squares being done. Just 6 more in blue, and another 18 in buff. I'll post photos and process updates when I get more finished...

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