Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pottery Barn inspired word plaques for baby or childs room

With recent announcements, and the feelings that come with them, I have been kicking into crafty hyperdrive.

I found this:

(Pottery Barn)

Then I found this:

Seem similar?

This tutorial comes from a very talented DIY mom from D and G Stories. Daniel is a very talented mom, who couldnt stand the price on something so perfect, and easy, for her little girl. You can find her tutorial here!

I think I could so run with this idea, boys, girls, gender neutral, twins, even non word plaques...

I have also been looking at some more MOD style nursery decorations.
Check out my little bits of inspirations, a link to the page I found them on will be at the bottom of each pic.

(99 Hom
BTW, they have tons of other ideas for kids of all ages!

So now that I have pictured you out, I am going to go gather some pretty papers for some of these!

I'll be putting together a nursery pinterest, if your interested in following my boards, let me know in the comments!


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