Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warm Sentiments - Baby Blankets

The baby blanket, the warmth and security, almost every baby or child has their favorite. I'm almost 23 and I have a favorite blanket...

About two years ago, my mom dug out one of my baby blankets and gave it to me. I slept with it every night, and often during the day, my husband thought it was odd, and a little adorable. I can live with that. Unfortunately, about 3 months after I brought it home, one of my dogs chewed through one layer of it, so it has a 3 inch hole in one side. I am looking for a cute patch to put over it, I am thinking I might take a scrap from my own baby's blankie (once I decide on what I am making) and use that to cover it.

About a year ago, my mother-in-law gave me a box of things. One of the items in the box was a cot blanket that my husbands grandma gave him. It's plush, and silky, and has a vaguely Asian feel to it, it is comfy, and gorgeous. I need to sew op a few seams, and clean it again (our black dog decided it was part of her space on the bed...)

Both of these blankets will be passed down to our baby in the late summer.

I have also made our little one a couple crocheted blankets, I am working on a granny square one now in some very pretty green tones, I discovered that they would also make a nice turtle stuffy, so I will be making that as well.

The picture doesn't quite do these colors justice. It was taken with my cell phone, inside my car, when it was pouring rain. The solid color is an almost Easter-y mint green, and the multi is just a tad darker than the pic. I will be posting a tutorial on the blanket, and possibly the turtle, and matching hat. (next week sometime)

Do you still have your favorite childhood blanket? Whether you use it or it's packed away for safe keeping? Does your child have a security blanket?

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Susan D said...

I didn't have a baby blanket but my brother did. 20 years on the blanket is still going strong the colours still look as bright.