Wednesday, June 19, 2013

His Mother's Son...

My son that is... he is his mothers son. While I've never heard my mom say it to me, I'm sure she's thought it..."just wait until he does that to you..." Well, here we are. I have been told I was stubborn, and a pretty awful sleeper. I sleep so lightly, that the cat eating from her dish in the bathroom, or the dog chewing her ball under the bed will wake me up.

For the last 3 weeks, my son has slept great! Going down at 7:45-8:15 ish, and not waking until around 4-5 getting some food, and going back down until 8. But not every night. Tuesdays, my husbands first night off, he refuses to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time, and so I'm up almost all night with him. And Wednesday nights, my husbands last night off, he does the same.

I understand that he doesn't see daddy much, because he works nights, and sleeps days, but this habit is getting out of control. I tell my husband how well our son sleeps ALL week long, and then on his 2 days off, he sleeps like a newborn again. At almost a year, this shouldn't be happening! Not so reliably!

In his (slight) defense, he is teething. Just cut his first tooth, and doesn't take his Tylenol or Advil easily, spits out the teething tabs before they dissolve, and will gag himself (intentionally) when I use the teething gel. He is too smart, and too stubborn for his own damn good!

But I love him. And I hate it when he is crying and in pain, but even Mommy cuddles don't fix it. It's heartbreaking.

I believe that Uncommon Nonsense stated it perfectly in her blog post about FOMO Baby (FOMO: Fear of Missing Out)

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