Saturday, June 15, 2013


There comes a time in ones life, sometime several times, where you realize you have spent so much time focusing on others, that you forget to care for yourself. In that respect, this blog and myself are the same. I have been so busy catering to my husbands work schedule, working on school work, raising my son, and creating little creatures to sell at our local market, that I haven't spent any time figuring out the things I need. As a person, as an artist, and as a mother, I've failed to supply myself with the things I need. I have to schedule showers 3-4 days in advance, and sometimes don't make that appointment.

I have decided that it's time I figure out something for me.

I vow to work on the things that I need sometimes. And let the word NO re-enter my vocabulary.

I vow to try to brush things off my shoulder when they hurt, and to always bounce back.

I vow to write more, and to draw more, and to create more that is NOT related to my work.

I vow to shower when the baby naps, instead of waiting for hubby to wake up from his graveyard shift.

I vow to post here more, and facebook less.

I vow to find constructive ways to vent my daily frustrations, instead of bottling it up until it causes a migraine (Like Sunday)

I vow to play more with the baby and the dog.

I vow to take time out of each day to clean, OR run dishes/laundry, and not try to take it all on every day.

I vow to accept that I am not SUPER WOMAN, and I can not do it all.

I vow to be a better friend to myself.

I vow to uphold these goals to the best of my ability, if it means making a reminder on my phone for each one!


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