Friday, April 22, 2011

Great sweater deconstruction: Take 2

About this time last year, I took an old olive toned shetland wool sweater and tore it apart. I over-dyed the skeins I got from it giving me 2 skeins of the original olive tone, 1 skein of a deep rich forest green, and 1 skein of a rustic brick tone.

These skeins of yarn have been picked up here or there to make everything from tea pockets to coffee mug wraps, but always small projects.

I wanna try again. This time I have a sweater that has wonderful color, and soft texture, but not such great execution. I can't ever see myself wearing this color as a major part of my wardrobe. maybe a headband, or a flower brooch, but not as a sweater...

But, you know what I could see this being? A baby blanket.

And so! I want to turn this:

into this:

What do you think?


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