Saturday, April 30, 2011


I was working at my mom's antique shop yesterday, where she has this great 6 ft wood carved giraffe that she has lovingly named "Slim" and another made from paper Mache she calls "Stretch". A woman and her husband came is, and they ADORED them...but they weren't for sale. (I thought I had a pic of Slim, but I don't)

Their grand daughter is 1 month old, and her nursery is done in Giraffes. I told them I could make stuff that was in a giraffe theme, they just needed to contact me about it, and I'd figure something out. Well, they haven't contacted me, but I couldn't get my mind away from giraffes last night. So in the process of watching Stargate SG1, I searched ravlery, and I searched Google, and I couldn't find anything I liked. Too animated, too cutesy, too something...

So I made "Poke" The Giraffe...

Ignore the mess in the background...

He is doing an odd sort of twist.. must be really stretching to get those leaves... but that's what I get for sewing him up at approximately 2:15 am...

Stats: 12 in tall (standing on own), 4 in wide, 6 in long.

Materials used:
Vintage Sayelle Ombre Safeway Brand Yarn in a chocolate and caramel variegated

Crocheted using an I hook, and sewn together with a yarn needle.

I totally improved the design, so I don't have a link, but I will try to recreate him with a few tweaks and then post the design for you.

Let me know if you have ever made fun animals in your crafting?


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Alison@Oopsey Daisy said...

Hello, my friend! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog earlier today. I love your blog and can get a taste of you already. Link up to those parties and get your name out there, girl! Go for it! :)