Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Movie review

Movie Review!

Hanna....Hanna Hanna Hanna. What can I tell you about Hanna? Absolutely nothing. After sitting in this film for over 2 hours, I have no idea what Hanna was about. This movie is musically and visually dynamic...if you were not sober. There are few movies that I can honestly say would be better viewed on a small screen. This is one of them.

Young girl, trained in the wilderness to gut an animal, get in a fight, win, and speak several languages. She can shoot, and she is adaptive. Other than this, I have no idea.

There is some humor, at the expense of idiocy and cultural abnormalities. It is suspenseful, in the sense that you are left waiting for SOMETHING, really ANYTHING to happen.

A government agent 15 years before the events of the movie belonged in a research team that was trying to create a super soldier, through genetic manipulation, they succeeded. Then proceeded to terminate the research, and those involved. Hanna survived. You wait the entire movie to find this out. It is not involved, it is not hard to understand, but don't watch this movie if you are likely to get motion sick, or drunk, you will get ill.

The director made a film that was based, entirely, on a one liner. “I just missed your heart.”

If you have the $10 bucks to see this movie... don't. Spend it on beer, you'll save yourself the numb rear-end.


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