Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunshine, Bring on the Sunshine!

Poke has been soaking up the sun, here in Central Oregon, the weather has been a bit bi-polar. One day it is pouring rain, and blowing like crazy, the next we are soaking up the sun in 75* balmy bliss. I wish we had more of those days, because come July, it will be hard to get your house or car below 95* with AC.

After dark, it drops back to about 30* regardless of the day's weather. So thats when you sit down with a nice book, glass of wine, and some relaxing music...yeah right, I wish. Being the busy college student I am, I get to sit down watch TV and work into the wee hours of the morning on homework.

The show I have been watching the most (thanks to Netflix) is Castle

(Courtesy of

Castle is the story of a mystery novelist, Richard Castle, who because of his friendship with the NYC mayor, gets to shadow New York's best, Detective Kate Beckett. Detective Beckett is Castle's inspiration for his newest novel series, following a similar character named "Nikki Heat".

You will never guess what hubby found in the Barnes and Noble...

Cool huh. I am picking this up as soon as we have a few bucks extra to spare, probably after we move closer to school in the summer. If you're an avid Castle fan, you might wanna pick this up.

Now, off to watch another episode of Castle, and crack down on my Management Fundementals 2 Midterm... sounds like so much fun...not.


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