Monday, May 9, 2011

Stepping away from Baby zone, just for a day or two

You may have noticed, or maybe you haven't, but I do a LOT of baby themed things. I am the owner of Owls Nest Boutique in Central Oregon, and run my business in between EVERYTHING else. Over achiever? No, not really, just creative, without the space needed to keep all of my craftiness. Also, I love babies, and I love pregnant ladies!

But I needed a change of pace, I think. I needed to stretch my brain muscles in a different direction. I had a friend doing a small craft fair, and she needed some more product to fill her table. I offered to let her put some of my things out on consignment. In just over 4 hours, I churned out these puppies:

My most sincere apologies for the bad photos, I forgot to charge my camera, so I took them with my phone.
Also, you see there, I couldn't resist the pregnancy one... just couldn't.  

This was a set I made as a sampler, I also make a set that said "Thank You" and 2 blank note-card sets. If they don't sell tonight, I'll get pics, but I forgot to get them before I sent them to the market.


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