Sunday, May 15, 2011

Voldemort Wants Your Apples

Okay, so I don't even know if Voldemort ate apple before his belated demise, but this bag makes me want to have some fresh apples.

I won a great prize pack bag when I was skinny (middle/high school) when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was just about to release in theaters. I went to the midnight showing at our local theater, and held on dearly to all my HP OftP Memorabilia.

Today, hubby cleaned our room, and found my old t-shirt from this set. I haven't fit in it since about 11th grade. I think it is time to move on, and let this shirt be useful!

I was looking for a fun idea, pillow, we don't have enough pillows. T-shirt quilt? No, I don't have the room to store it until I find new t-shirts. I stumbled across this great tutorial for a t-shirt grocery bag. Double take. I mentioned in my last post that local legislature is banning plastic grocery bags, right? well then, check this out:

(Photo courtesy of //Between the Lines//)

So, I went at it like a woman possessed. Now hubby is digging out all his old "bachelor daze" t-shirts for me to canabalize for the cause. 

Here is it, empty, freshly sewn and sliced.

Here we have it full of yarn.

Here is all the yarn I stuffed into it for the last pic.

It stretches back almost to it's original state when it's done.

One of the best parts, you can toss it in the wash if your strawberries spill inside, or you get a bit over zealous and fill it too much and it touches the ground.

I think this one is almost TOO stretchy, so I will use maybe teens, juniors, or child (L) size from now on, unless it is the stiff t-shirt material hubby is always wearing.

Check out her tutorial, seriously, what better way to use those old t's you will never really wear again, and help the eco system while you're at it.

Update: Hubby found 6 old t's for me to use... mwa ha ha ha! You'll be seeing pics soon!

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