Saturday, September 24, 2011


We all have to make them. Things that most people take for granted make others queezy, or envious.

Whenever I'm feeling down and under-the-weather, Chocolate is suggested. Which is all fine and dandy, until I tell them I'm allergic...well, intolerant, technically.

Simple things like candy bars, and chocolate milk, icecream, cake, and coffee have to be assessed, to figure out how much chocolate is in them...

I can have chocolate, so long as I also have a BIG glass of 1 or 2% milk on hand.

So I adapt, right? Blondies!

I found a recipe to make my own!

Granted, I love my chocolate, but I hate the ache it give me, so I will adapt and improvise!

Here is where I found it:

Simply recipes

Their's look much better than mine are likely to turn out (they are in the oven now...)

I omitted the butterscotch chips, and chocolate chips or almonds, or walnuts, simply because I do not have any on hand... and I like to test a recipe with the basics, before adding other stuff. (though, I might do M&Ms when I do them next)


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