Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Fashionista!

Oh, did you think I was referring to myself as the fashionista? I can hardly be considered a fashionista... Although, all through high school, I would wear my own style of clothes, and then that summer I'd move on, and that fall, never failing, my style from the previous year was "hip"...go figure. Anyways, I am going to try to do it again... Legwarmers were popular before I was even aware of fashion... I am a LATE 80's baby, spring of '89, so I dont think that had ANY bearing on my fashion sense when it comes to Legwarmers...

I have however developed a few specifics when it comes to these lovelies:

Fall Fashionista!

NEVER EVER should they be worn with brightly colored pants, OR with exercise clothes, with the exception of yoga pants... but never with a unitard, I am glad that fad never tried to come back... some people should not be allowed in spandex!

I do NOT like legwarmers that are thigh high, if you need leg warmers that go that high, wear a longer skirt/shorts or find some damn PANTS!

Also, leg warmers that only cover your ankle. What are you doing, trying to protect your joints from localized hypothermia?!?!?!?!?!?

I also hate it when people try wearing them without leggings or stockings, or pants... if you are wearing leg warmers, you should wear SOMETHING that helps keep them up!

My favorite look? a tunic style shirt, skinny jeans or leggings tucked into low heel boots, and a set of legwarmers OVER the boots.

I love legwarmers that reach just below your knee, like a reverse capri cut. I love stripes, but HATE bobbles. I am a sucker for knit, and I love corsetting or buttons.

I am making a set with some super bulky acrylic in a brown tweed.

Since my needles are in use that I need for this project, I shall find my old friend, KK Loom. When they are done, they will look like these:

In Lion Brand Hometown USA Santa Fe Tweed. I will do a strand of green ribbon around eyelets in the top few rows, that will tie above my calf just to keep them in place, I don't like the look of slouchy leg warmers, mostly because the ones I had last year froze to my boots, and got ruined because they slouched too much... I was a sad panda!

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