Sunday, September 11, 2011

Burning Man Hammocks, A Wedding, and My stash busting project

Yesterday, I want to a wedding. The coolest wedding EVER! It was full of street performers, and great music, and lots of alcohol (I don't drink beer, but hubby was happy) and homemade chicken burritos, and a variety show and live bands, and lots of fun stuff.

One of the coolest things, for the time before and after (it was a 4 day campout) was a gazebo set up that was constructed entirely of wood, no bolts, screws, nails, or metal reinforcements... It was well engineered, and the cross bars and frame was held together with 2 in wide 10 in long wooden pegs, driven into the frame pieces. From it was strung 10 hammocks, and a swinging chair. I fell in love with one style of hammock, and I wanted to get myself one. I have been researching buying or making and mounting a hammock in our new house... BTW, we are moving.. again.

I found the style of hammock that I used all afternoon yesterday (Mexican or Mayan)... and realized I do not want to pay that much for one, so I have decided to take their design, and create my own... wish me luck.. I will post pics and pattern when I am done.

Here is where it all comes together. The Gazebo set up is the bride and groom's own burning man camp setup. The groom designed it for the Burning Man event in particular. I fell in love with the hammocks, and decided to make my own using the acrylic and cotton stash I need to use up. See, it all works out!

So far, I have decided on a design concept, and am figuring out how to make it work.. I feel 550 paracord will be involved... and perhaps climbing style carabeners for mounting in my garage, or on my new back porch...


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