Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer catch-up!

It seems that my summer ran away and hid... it got a late start, and now it is nearly over! School starts back up for me in a week and a half!

I have been trying to do EVERYTHING and therefore have gotten NOTHING done! Go figure, right?

I have restored my account on Etsy, and listed a few hats, hoping to get some other stuff on there soon.

And, I received 2 custom orders in the last week!

One is for a pair of Mary Jane style slippers in rainbow stripes (a trade for crafty goodness of Chrissy)

And the other is for 2 custom designed Owl Cowls for a friend from high school. (Shantae)

I am super excited, because with custom orders, I get to communicate with the customer, and get a feel for JUST what they want! And I know that they will be enjoyed, because in this case, I know both of the customers personally.


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