Sunday, September 25, 2011

At Second Glance: Record Earring Displays

Disclaimer: there is a tutorial at the end of this post, please use extreme caution while following it, as it does involve heat, and can cause burns. Only do under adult supervision)

I am a big advocate of Reuse, reduce, recycle! So many people have so little, why let things that are of use sit in the landfill...

So what if people don't really use vinyl records for music anymore? Everything they want to listen to is digital or in CD form, right? So what do people do with all those vinyls? They put them in a box in their garage, collecting dust, and getting damaged.

So, some records are valuable, and collectors will go nuts for them, but whatever about all those other ones?

20 Greatest Hits of Polka!

Kidz first record of Disco!

These things arent worth the vinyl they are made from, so I shall make them useful again!

Check this out!

Sorry about the crap pictures, we lost light early this evening. I'll try to outdoor photos tomorrow and post them!

Yep, thats an earring stand made from a bent record! Want a tutorial?

If your answer was no, then stop reading, if you answer was yes, keep reading.

large 12 inch 45, stiff, but not hard, and not the flimsy kind. 
Patterned paper cut out at 4 in circle
Crop-a-Dile or drill and patience.
Glue roller, glue stick, or other adhesive
Hard surface
Oven mitt (optional, if you are careful, you won't need it)
Cold running water
White crayon (optional, if you want to mark your holes before you punch them, it will be useful)

Step 1: hold your record about 3-4 in over the burner of your stove on med to high heat, watch it carefully as it melt, only let it melt as far up the record as you want your bend to be. I melted up about 3 or so inches. 

Step 2: press the hot flexible record against the hard surface, I use my stove top in between the burners so that I don't burn the counter-top. Hold it at a slight acute angle, just inside of 90* until it firms up. once it can hold it's own weight without going flat or flexing flat, run cold water over the melted part, this will harder the vinyl. 

Step 3: Once you have finished this, dry off your piece, and get ready to mark your holes. I start at the top, punch 2 holes, and then measure a distance away, for this one, I used a mini-sd converter for my phone. mark the distance, and then mark the 2nd hole for the set, use the measurement again, and repeat around the edge. 

Step 4: using a drill or your Crop-a-Dile, punch holes on the marks, or at least lined up with the marks. Set the depth regulator on the Crop-a-dile as far as you want the holes to go in, I had mine set at about 3/4 in. This makes all the holes the same distance from the edge.

Business logo glued on before I put it on the original label.

Step 5: Glue the patterned paper over the label in the middle of your record, you could easily add a monogram, or stamped sentiment as well, make this your own, it's your creation! Let it display your earrings, and your personal style! (NOTE: Put sentiment or accent embellishments on before gluing to the label)

Link in the comments to your own creations, I wanna see them all!


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